How to connect remotely to my rasp behind NAT

remotely connect to a raspberry pi behind NAT

disclaimer: I’m not related to; they just offer a nice service that can be useful to some people…so I decided to speak about it!

Hello! do you have a raspberry pi? do you want to reach it remotely in a secure manner and easily? your ISP doesn’t allow you to forward port on your network and you are behind a NAT configuration? ok….I have a simple solution that can help you! offers a cool and free for personal use service that allow you to add a secure port device forwarding to any device.

you can choose between two connection types:

the first way is very simple to set up and all you need is the connectd installed on the target device. Two limitations here: URL and port changes every time you connect and there’s a 8 hour time limit before the connection will be closed.

with the second option you don’t have this problems, the throughput is faster and no limitation on time connections.

Installation and configuration on raspberry

just update your raspberry and install connectd with this commands. After this execute the interactive installer :

sudo apt update
sudo apt full−upgrade

sudo apt install connectd
sudo connectd_installer

follow the interactive installation (very simple) and you’ll arrive at the main menu were you are able to choose witch protocol you’d like to use with this device. You can even create a custom TCP configuration!

*********** Protocol Selection Menu ***********
     1) SSH on port 22                       
     2) Web (HTTP) on port 80                
     3) Secure Web (HTTPS) on port 443       
     4) VNC on port 5900                     
     5) nxWitness on port 7001               
     6) Samba (SMB) on port 445              
     7) Remote Desktop (RDP) on port 3389    
     8) NextCloud on port 443                
     9) OpenVPN on port 1194                 
     10) Custom (TCP)                        
     11) Return to previous menu             

 You can change the port value during install  


Choose a menu selection (1 - 11):

The default port for SSH is 22.

After this I downloaded the app on my Iphone and I was able to see the raspberry in the Devices panel. Just click on the remote device (raspberry) and you’ll be prompt (just for the very first time) to insert the app you want to use to connect to remote endpoint. I use Termius on my Iphone and that’s it!

my remote raspberry shell from my Iphone!


with you’ll be able to connect and control your devices remotely anywhere in the world as though it is on your local network in a very secure manner.

with no port forwarding you have “Zero Attack Surface” and this is important expecially for unsecure protocols like RDP.
Give it a try!